Principal Message

Dr. Ankit B. Chaudhary Principal

Saraswati Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences (SIPS) has committed itself to develop and enhance the academic program in the area of Pharmaceutical education to meet with challenge of new and extended roles of pharmacists.

Pharmacy, like every other healthcare profession, is changing rapidly. Almost every aspect of its knowledge and practise base is affected by external changes such as technological developments, changing patient expectations, new professional governance requirements, a modernizing health service, and acute (commercial) competition in the community sector. This is stimulating a variety of excellent and creative responses within the profession.

Tomorrow’s undergraduate pharmacists must also ‘learn how to learn’ throughout the rest of their professional lives, in order to keep abreast of scientific, technological and other developments. They must understand the social and psychological factors relevant to health and illness, be able to work in multi-professional teams, and be able to apply their knowledge and skills in a wide variety of practice settings.

SIPS campus enhances student’s character development in order to fulfill national aspirations of producing competitive future generations. May I invite pharma aspiring students to come and experience learning the SIPS way and I hope that the experience acquired will chart new boundaries of your expectations.