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Second Alumini Meeting

       The meeting was held on 03/04/2012, at Ambedkar Bhavan, Gandhinagar

The agenda of meeting was:

  • To help the students in placement & to be incontact waith the passed out batch students.
  • To help the students of alumini in further study in terms of providing books or to help students in procuring material required for their projects.

Minutes of Meeting:
About 40 students of 2010 and 2011 were gethered and discussed about agenda and declare Presidant, Vice-presidant, Secretory, Tresuror and Executive members.

Staff coordinators:  Ms. Riddhi M. Dave
Ms. Jigna S. Anand

Presidant            :   Pratik M. Panchal
Vice Presidant    :   Patel Anil
Secretory            :   Nayak Palak
Tresuror              :   Pandya Viral

Executive Members:

  1. Nitish Parekh
  2. Alok Thakkar
  3. Archana Raval
  4. Mitul Shah
  5. Jagadish Chaudhary
  6. Pragnesh Patel
  7. Kalpesh Prajapati
  8. Keyul Mehta
  9. Haresh Ramchandani
  10. Vishal Shah
  11. Premal Prajapati
  12. Garg Suman